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No Postcards Here #4

I was recently reading about “The Open Road” by David Company. This new photo book published by Aperture illustrates through four generations of American photographs, the influence of the road in the American photographic culture. On the eve of publishing this new set of i
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Story Behind photograph #6

Probably one of those very rare moments when the unlikely happens in front of the photographer’s eye. It could have been a painting made by an artist in a yellow period. It could have also been a subtle yellow tone graphic settings made for a movie scene. It was just a daily sce
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From England with love

When I arrived in Bristol in 2011, I was already familiar with England. The main reason is that my family in law lives there. It is a country that I had the pleasure of discoveringg many times through various journeys. However, I had never had the opportunity to explore and observe En
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