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No Postcards Here #2

As I arrived at the Sables d’Olonne train station, I coudn’t remember the last time I got off the train to visit this good old seaside town. I have so many memories here. They are linked to my childhood, my teenage years and around thirty months of accumulated Summertime.
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Postcards from Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city with an extraordinary natural light. It make me think of the bright light of Istanbul, another coastal city. I do like coastal cities. Their shores offer a great feeling of freedom where it is easy to relax, live and escape from everyday life while contemplating the s
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From England with love

When I arrived in Bristol in 2011, I was already familiar with England. The main reason is that my family in law lives there. It is a country that I had the pleasure of discoveringg many times through various journeys. However, I had never had the opportunity to explore and observe En
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