Weymouth, Dorset, England

July 31st, 2012

On the 25th July 2012, looking at the map of England, I pointed my finger towards the south, moving it along the Dorset coast before stopping at Weymouth. After a quick image search on Google, I decided to make the two hour drive there from Bristol.
Walking towards the beach, my first observation was the lovely 125 year old and seemingly freshly painted Clock Tower. I guess, an important meeting point. On its seafront, Weymouth has kept its ancient architecture and that really makes its charm. On this summery day, the pebbled beach was crowded and seemed to be endlessly covered with red, white and tatooed bodies. Along the beach are some cosy decorated huts. English like to be cosy and a few portraits of the owners in them could have been interesting. The atmosphere is definitely English and with the heat, beers are never too far from the beach towel. No Victorian pier, but a lovely harbour with some nice Pubs to enjoy more beers in the calm before the storm of the night.

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