Walk to Burwick, Mainland Shetland, Scotland

April 2nd, 2011

View over Pund Voe and Tondra, Central Mainland (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
View over Pund Voe, Hill of Berry and Tondra, Central Mainland.

It was around 11am when the sun lit up the coast. At that time the light is already low like most of the day, but beautiful.

Like the Isle of Harris, where I stayed in January 2010, Shetland life is very much influenced by the weather. It is even more true in the northern islands of Scotland than it is probably anywhere else. It is just amazing how the weather can change in a minute. Strong gusts of wind and rain (snow) come and go like a crowd walking on a zebra crossing. You just look at the shower passing by before waiting for the next one. Yesterday morning as I was walking to Burwick, I ran into three or four proper snow storms but it was worth the effort. I saw some fascinating landscape with so much character. I feel like I am going to love Shetland.

Here are a few pictures taken yesterday during my walk to Burwick and Hill of Burwick.

Shed along the Shetland coast, Central Mainland, Burwick (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Shed along the coast, Central Mainland, Burwick.

It was really windy and snowy when I walked by this shed. The kind of landscape that I love. Rough with plenty of character.

Uninhabited croft in Burwick, Central Mailand (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Uninhabited croft in Burwick, Mailand.
Burwick used to be a fishing station. You can still see the pier and remains of several crofts. Two inhabited houses are currently facing Bur Wick bay. As I wanted to know more about the history of the place, I knocked on the door of each of the houses but unfortunately nobody seemed to be there.

Coast along the old village of Burwick (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Coast along the old village of Burwick


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