Thought & Story behind Photograph #3

Man in djellaba (Jerome Lorieau)

The photograph was taken in October 2012 outside the Medina of Fes while I was travelling in Morocco as part of the photo project about its medinas. I was having a break from the medina, wandering in the street opposite Bab Mahrouk and leading to Avenue des Merinides. On both sides of the road is a rampart surrounding the Bab Mahrouk cemetery. As I was walking the street, I suddenly decided to stop at this place, probably attracted by the light, the shadow of the rampart, the colour and texture of the rampart opposite and the blue sky. I remembered taking a few uninteresting shots before sitting on some stairs to have a rest in the shade and wait for a shot that might never come. After a few minutes I spotted a man with a traditional Moroccan djellaba and thought that might be my chance. I got ready, anticipating the potential photograph and composition that I could take. When the man passed by, I bent enough to get the contrast of his shape into the light framing at the same time another passer by into the opposite third of the image. I took a second shot when he entered the light (the one in the middle of the picture) but it was far less effective and the composition was unbalanced by two passers by being there at the wrong time.