Thought & Story behind Photograph #2

Fog on the Crags, Edinburgh (Jerome Lorieau)

The photograph above was taken in Edinburgh in 2009. Arthur’s seat is a hill in Holyrood Park, situated on the edge of the old town of Edinburgh. The 360° view from it is wonderful on a clear day. On this day, I still remember looking through the windows of my flat wondering if it was a good idea to go up on Arthur’s seat on a foggy day. As the weather changes quickly in Scotland, I thought that by the time I had reached the top, the fog may have gone so I decided to give it a go. I started the climb in miserable weather but half way to the top I literately made a step from the thick fog to a clear blue sky. More surprising was the view over Edinburgh. A “desert of fog” with just the top of the Crags making its way through. The minimalism of the colours, the beauty of the light and the contrasting texture all made the scene surreal, magical and enchanting (actually it is the best view I ever had from Holyrood Park). Even though I am not particularly into landscape photography, I couldn’t resist recording this unique moment. I started to take a few photographs when a lady walking her dog came out of the blue. The dog started to run around and eventually entered the frame. This is when I took this picture. It was a kind of blessing to get a white dog as it reflected the light making a good contrast with the background.