Thought and story behind Photograph #5


Here is a photograph taken in 2012, as I was leaving Fes El Jdid on my way to the medina of Fes in Morocco. With a mysterious attitude, a man, his hand in his djellaba pocket, was waiting, maybe for someone. Next to him, a big, black and triangular shadow was refreshing a hot wall. During my stay in Fes, the place was the one I used to walk to everyday commuting by walking from the new town to the medina. When I saw this scene I framed it immediately. This is what I love about street photography, finding extraordinary moments out of the everyday. This is also why I always carry a camera with me wherever I go. Also I couldn’t write this post without confessing that it is when editing my photographs that I realised the reciprocity of the triangular forms. In the action of taking a spontaneous photograph, the photographer does not always realise the details and elements contained within in. Often, I feel the light, some elements, the movement, the colours and I spontaneously take a photograph. And then, sometimes, a photograph discloses itself during an editing session as if I was a stranger to my own photograph.