Photo Workshop: The Three Kingdoms of Nepal

August 1st, 2011

The Three Kingdoms of Nepal – Images by Jerome Lorieau

Travel & documentary Photo Workshop
Kathmandu valley, among the three Kingdoms of Nepal

In 1482, following the fall of king Jayasthitimalla, the Kathmandu valley was divided into three kingdoms, ruled by the cities of Patan, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. For nearly 400 years, the rivalry between the rulers brought to the valley one of the most prolific times in terms of architecture, symbolizing nowadays the best of Newari craft and art work. This wonderful heritage gave birth to Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar square and Bhaktapur Dubar square, including some of the most prestigious temples and palaces in the valley. The three Durbar Squares are all cited among the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley. The close surrounding environment of the ancient kingdoms of Nepal all offer their own unique character. In Kathmandu, we will immerse ourselves in the busy lanes of Indra Chaw and its tiny shops. Between iron workshops and temples, we will capture the spirit of Patan. We will wander the streets of Bhaktapur, the most authentic and prettiest city of the three kingdoms of Nepal.

This workshop is for photographers who have a keen interest in street, travel and documentary photography and who want to progress in this area. The aim is to practice photography through the understanding of composition, light, colour, texture, awareness of a place and culture of its people, while capturing moments of everyday life. The goal is that each photographer will develop his or her own vision of the world. The workshop’s angle is not technical, although I will answer any technical questions. However, it is important that you already know how to use your camera and that you have basic knowledge in practising photography.

Rickshaw driver and vegetable seller in the busy street of Kathmandu (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau) Girl in the street of Patan (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

During the workshop, our aim will be to capture the essence of each of the places and its people. Thanks to the small size of the group, I will be able to watch you work and give you individual attention. You will be free to ask me as many questions as you want. I will give you my advice, tips and recommendations (on how to shoot documentary photos, understanding composition, portraiture, colours and textures and all things related to photography … I give more information below). Every night, we will review and critique a selection of pictures taken during the day.

5 days will allow you sufficient time to properly explore the valley, which I have visited a number of times. The goal is that you also have enough time to produce a small portfolio telling the story of your journey.

During the day you should expect to walk quite a lot. However, don’t worry. Bars, cafés and restaurants are never too far away to enjoy some drinks and a good break.

Girls washing some clothes along the Bagmati river, Pashupatinath (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau) Portrait of Baba Mola, Sadhu living along the Bagmati river bank, Kathmandu (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

Date: 20 March – 24 March 2012
Price: £600 per person (approx $980/680€)

This workshop is limited to three people in order that I can give you individual attention. With a limited number of people, we will be able to achieve the aim of this workshop while having fun by sharing our own stories. The goal is also to enjoy ourselves as part of a small group.

Price includes:

- 5 days of intense shooting in a friendly way through the main districts of Kathmandu, Patan, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Bhaktapur.
- My advice, expertise & experience during the day from morning to the evening talk on how to shoot street & documentary photography, approach people, take portraits, understand composition, understand the importance of colour, texture, playing with light & shade, capturing moments of life, making the best of the atmosphere of a place, while developing your own vision of the world.
- Evening talk about a selection of pictures taken during the day in an informal atmosphere.
- 6 nights in a hotel in Kathmandu
More informations available on request.

Price does not include:

- Transport (flight, taxi, buses …).
- Nepalese Visa
- Historical site ticket
- Accommodation, food & drinks.
- Travel & insurance.
More information available on request.


Payment will be made through Paypal request or bank transfer.

For more information or for booking this worskhop, please contact me

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