The charming fishing village of Larache, Morocco

April 21st, 2011


Worker on ladder and boy on scooter, Medina of Larache (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

In and around the medina

An infinity of blue and white tones coloured the old medina of Larache, an authentic fishing village by the Loukko estuary, just two hours from Rabat, the Moroccan capital. Quietness and serenity are probably the two key words to express the peacefulness of the place. Nothing seems to stop the silence of this charming village but the strong sound of waves spreading all over its shore. Sometimes the voices of boys playing in the shade of lanes break its calmness while women in djellabas, discretely come and go, some of them carrying some home made bread on a tray are on their way to the local baker.

Down the medina, the sound of people clapping their hands can be heard in the distance. Some teenagers are playing football opposite the port along the Rue d’Espagne while other brave ones fight against the waves by the pier. It is certainly the best thing to do as the heat is crazy.

Medina of Larache (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

The port

A lively crowd has gathered in Larache harbour. Fishing boats have just moored alongside the quay. The atmosphere is quite noisy and conversations are very loud. It is difficult to distinguish curious people from workers, fishermen, traders and buyers. The noisiest seem to be the ones who just comment on the whole scene while busy fishermen are unloading boxes and pouring ice cubes all over the fish. Hundreds of kilos of sardines in boxes are put down on the ground before being loaded into vehicles to end up in markets and restaurants of the main Moroccan cities. Larache harbour mainly provides sardines and anchovies. Only the very best of the fish will make it to European cities.

Fresh sardines ready to be delivered, Port of Larache (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

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