Street Photography Holiday in Istanbul

October 3rd, 2012

Istanbul, a city shaped by the influence of three continents

Istanbul was the capital of four empires including both the great Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Ideally situated on the road to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the city via the Bosphorus opens a door between Europe, Asia and the Orient. Its culture has been shaped by many generations of migrants and offers a unique feeling that keeps fascinating artists, writers and photographers.

Photographic Highlights

Capturing the unique feeling of the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara.
Exploring the contrast between the European side and Old Istanbul.

What to expect?

One week of intense shooting in a friendly way in various districts of the city in both its Asian and European sides. During this week, I will give you advice on how to approach street photography, understanding composition, playing with light & shade and capturing moments of life while developing your own vision of the world. Every evening we will talk about a selection of pictures taken during the day in an informal atmosphere.

Who can attend the workshop?

This workshop is for photographers who have a keen interest in street photography and who want to progress in this field. The goal is that each photographer will also develop his or her own vision of the world.

This workshop is limited to a small number of people in order that I can give you individual attention. With a limited number of people, we will be able to achieve the aim of this workshop while having fun by sharing our own experiences and stories. The goal is also to enjoy ourselves as part of a small group.


The price does not include accommodation. For this workshop, we will stay in the same hotel. The price should be around £45 a night.

Date & Schedule:

Saturday 29th June – Saturday 7th July 2013.
Maximum number of participants: 4.

The morning of the first day usually starts with an introduction of my work, study of a selection of my photographs and the way I approach street photography. It is followed by a walk and shooting in various areas of the city. Then every morning we will review and edit the photographs taken the previous day before going out again.

Price: £380 per person

If you would like to take part in this workshop, just contact me. You will also find extra information on my FAQ

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