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Street Photography Workshop in Europe

Europe: A visual exploration of the Old Continent

This project of street photography workshops in European countries was created from the thought that the history and culture of the Old Continent was fixed in our collective memory without us Europeans being aware of our cultural differences. Our history is brought together through a common culture, some important historical events and nowadays an economic and political reality. In the modernity and globalisation of our lives, our everyday lives seem to be very similar. However, what notion do we have of our European neighbours? It may sometimes be a rather misrepresented, stereotypical one. These street photography workshops will take us through the years to understand what brings the biggest European cities together and what their differences are. We will explore and observe the daily behaviour of our fellow citizens and document their streets, culture and their habits, through the diversity of our urban landscapes. From Oslo to Madrid, from Athens to Dublin, from London to Budapest, Europe is still one of the most fascinating continents thanks to its history and the beauty of its cities and its cultural differences.

This great visual journey will allow you, from one workshop to another, to improve both your photographic approach and enhance the aesthetic quality of your photographs.

Most of the street photography workshops will take place during a long weekend of 3 or 4 days.

The group will be limited to 4 people in order that I give you maximimum individual attention and advice during our daily shooting and photo review.

All the information about the upcoming street photography workshops in Europe will be available below on this page.

Street Photography Workshop in Lisbon

Date: 7 May – 10 May 2015 Introduction Situated on the bank of the Tagus river, Lisbon is a major city of European history and culture. This street photography workshop will allow us to discover the white city, its culture and thriving Streets. While wandering through its old an
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