Street Photography Course, Bristol

July 18th, 2012

Cabot Circus, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)
Photo by Jerome Lorieau taken during a one to one session with Mandy.

A few days ago, I met Mandy in a coffee shop around Harbourside in Bristol for a Street Photography course. The good thing about one to one tuition is the flexibility I have to customize a workshop. Based on what she had asked me to cover, we spent some time talking about photographic techniques before having a good session studying a selection of my photographs while sharing my own experience on how to approach street photography. I then reviewed some of her photos before we heading to St Nicholas Market for lunch and to wander the city centre of Bristol to take some photographs.

I would like to share one of her pictures (below) that she took during our session. I did a review of it along with some of her other photos.

I also would like to thank Mandy for allowing me to quote the kind comments she sent me by email following the session.

I had a really good day and I have loads to think about now. Your tips on the basics of photography will definitely help me to discover what my new camera will do, and watching how you approach shooting in the street will I think encourage me to be a bit braver taking candids. I especially learned a lot about composition, and feel confident that I now have the tools to develop my eye for a more complex street photograph.

Photography by Mandy taken during a one to one session.

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