Story Behind photograph #6


Probably one of those very rare moments when the unlikely happens in front of the photographer’s eye.
It could have been a painting made by an artist in a yellow period. It could have also been a subtle yellow tone graphic settings made for a movie scene. It was just a daily scene where luck brings together various yellow elements.

Obviously, it is colour that attracted my attention when I got to this part of the street, then the graphic nature of the elements. Actually, I based my composition on the knowledge acquired during my graphic design course many years ago. This photo is made like a graphic composition where some yellow forms and masses are (balanced and) put together.

In my view, this photo has a very classic approach. The scene was there. It was just missing this little moment of life. So this is the thing I waited for … two minutes. When I saw a small yellow element coming, I though it was a miracle as I was not hoping for it to happen. I first pressed the shutter button as the person was entering the right third of the photo. Then I pressed it again when her form fitted the black form of the restaurant door.