St Ninian’s Point, Isle of Bute, Scotland

May 2nd, 2011

Straad Beach, Isle of Bute (Jerome Lorieau)

I am just back from a four day journey in the Kintyre Peninsula and Isle of Bute. It has been a wonderful long week end travelling through some stunning coastal landscapes. In the photograph above (many thanks to my charming girlfriend) I am sitting on Straad beach near St Ninian’s Point in the Isle of Bute. I know that it would have been better to have a nice guitar or a beautiful violin at my side to look like a proper Scottish traditional folk musician but I am just a photographer. I know I agree with you, it is an absolutly stunning wild place to be sitting. Well … don’t be jealous. It is just part of the hard life of living in Scotland.
Believe it or not, this beach is just 2h and 40mn from Edinburgh (2h drive, 30mn ferry, and another 10 mn to go to St Ninian’s Point once you reach the Isle of Bute).


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