Others Medinas of Morocco

As I was walking in the Medina of Oujda, a Moroccan woman told me that I was in the heart of Moroccan roots and tradition where people still live in community and solidarity. Smaller Medinas are certainly different to some of the Imperial Medinas like Marrakech and Fez. In the quietness of their lanes is a true feeling of tranquillity. A contrast compared to the New Town that surrounds their walls. New Towns and the Medinas might share the same Moroccan culture but life is truly different. It is a world apart. A less individualistic world where the spirit of community is still strong. Many times I was told by the Medina’s inhabitants that they wouldn’t want to leave it despite living in homes lacking modernity and comfort. Family, friends, community, quietness, tradition, spirituality, religion and more affordable way of life make them want to stay inside the Medinas.