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In this page, I feature some of my photographs available for photography prints in open edition prints or limited photographic edition prints. For more choice, you can directly access my archive at Jerome Lorieau Photography Archive.

Price, sizes & paper
1- 9″x6″ (22.86cm x 15.24cm): £15
2- 12″x8″ (30.48cm x 20.32cm): £35
3- 10″15″ (38.1cm x 25.4cm): £50
4- 20″x30″ (76.2cm x 50.8cm): £80
Photographic Paper: C-Type print. It is made by a process which has been used by the industry for decades, long before the digital era. Basically, the print that is delivered to your home is a print that has been developed using traditional photographic techniques. It is certainly the best quality you could currently get and many photo galleries exhibit photographers’ work using C-Type Prints.

Limited Edition Print
Limited edition of 20 sized 12″x18″ (30cmx45cm)
Priced £260 – Free delivery
Each print is numbered and signed by myself.
To order a limited edition print, please to contact me at mail[at]

I currently work with Spectrum Photo, one of the best professional laboratories in the UK. They do some really good work and have excellent customer services. So when you order a print, Spectrum automatically receives the order, processes it within two days and then delivers it to your address. For UK residents, you should generally get your order delivered to your home within 5 working days. For international deliveries it will take a bit longer.

Payment can be made by using your debit card or your paypal account.

Photography print: Nepalese Buddhist Monk

About the photograph The photograph was taken in November 2010 at Samagaon during my journey around the Manaslu. Samagaon is a village where a community of Tibetan people live. The place is also on the road to a trading path linking the Tibetan border to Arket Bazaar.
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Photography Print of Essaouira, Morocco

About the photograph The photograph was taken in October 2012 at the entrance of Essaouira’s harbour where everyday workers clean fresh fish on customers’ request. The place is always busy with seagulls looking for remains of fish and I took the opportunity to photograph t
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Photography Print of the South Coast of England – Hayling Island

About the photograph The photograph was taken during the spring 2010 in Hayling Island in Hampshire. The sudden fog gave the moment a special atmosphere to the place.
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Photography Print of Scotland – Isle of Harris

About the photograph The photograph was taken in January 2009 during a two weeks exploration of Isle of Harris. This landscape gives a wintery view over Loch Maraig in Isle of Harris.
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Photography Print of Morocco – Medina of Larache

About the photograph The photograph was taken in Larache in 2011 during my second visit of its Medina as part of my project about the Medinas of Morocco. Situated along the Atlantic coast, Larache is a fishing town with a quiet Medina whitewashed with a wonderful blue colour.
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