Photo Book: First Feeling of the World

October 28th, 2011

First Feeling of the World by Photography by Jerome Lorieau


Long before starting to take photographs, I was a seasoned street roamer. For many years, I have endlessly and somewhat randomly wandered the streets of each city I have lived in. This is my way of escaping everyday life and immersing myself in the urban landscape, to think and observe the world. In 2005, a year after I had come back to photography, I started to photograph the streets of Paris. Inspired by the French Humanist photographers, most of my photographs showed everyday life in Paris. Taking photographs was just a continuation of my wandering and my observation. This first step as a photographer was a very important one even though at the time I didn’t realise it. Unconsciously, I was developing what would become one of my main photographic interests: street photography.

In 2003, my first journey to Nepal was a turning point. This journey made me want to explore the world, other continents and their culture. In 2007, I left Paris and France to travel for 3 months in South East Asia and 3 months in South America. This allowed me to shape my understanding of other cultures. During my very first journey with my camera, I had no aim but to tell the story of my peregrinations through the people I met, their everyday life, culture and traditions, while recording their homes through colours, texture, light and the splendour of the landscapes. My photographic approach was different to street photography. I was aiming to document and understand the environment I witnessed. Once again, involuntarily I was developing my interest in documentary photography.

Today, I still carry on travelling the world and roaming streets. However, while I tend to document my own environment through street photography, I feel the need to immerse myself in other cultures through long term documentary photo projects. This is the natural influence of what I have experienced and learnt in the last six years.

103 pictures from 14 countries.
Size: 8×10 inches (20×25 cm)
Price: £34.95 Softcover – £39.95 Dustjacket
Apple Iphone & Ipad ebook: £7.49


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