Open Edition Print


Unlike a limited edition print, an open edition print is a print not numbered.
I currently don’t print them myself and prefer using professional people specialised in making prints. I work with Spectrum Photo, one of the best professional laboratories in the UK. They do some really good work and have excellent customer services.
When you order a print, Spectrum automatically receives the order, processes it within two days and then delivers it to your address. For UK residents, you should generally get your order delivered to your home within 5 working days. For international deliveries it will take a bit longer.

All prints are C-Type print. These are made by a process which has been used by the industry for decades, long before the digital era. Basically, the print that is delivered to your home is a print that has been developed using traditional photographic techniques. It is certainly the best quality you could currently get and many photo galleries exhibit photographers’ work using C-Type Prints. For more information about them, I recommend visiting the wikipedia page Chromogenic color print.

To sum it up:
1- The order is placed, the photo lab receives it directly.
2- Within two days, the print is processed and dispatched to your address.
3- A few days later, the postman rings your doorbell. The print is yours!

Please, visit Spectrum website. I also recommend watching their video, “Spectrum Photographic, Behind the Scene”.

Payment Method

What payment methods do you use?
Payment can be made through Paypal using your Paypal account or using a Debit Card. If you have any questions about payment, please feel free to contact me.


Your prints will be dispatched directly by Spectrum within 2-3 days after you have placed your order. Prints are shipped using Royal Mail UK Delivery (1-3days) and Royal Air Mail International Delivery(up to 4 weeks depending on a time of year).
If after 25 days, you haven’t received your order, please contact me.

Refund and Exchange

If you are not satisfied with your product, please get in touch within 3 days of receipt. I will deal quickly with your request.


I am interested in buying a large print. What is the largest size can you do for me?
Currently two sizes are available online for open edition: 6″x9″ and 8″x12″. However, I can also supply photographs in range of sizes up to 30″x45″ (76.2cm x 114.3cm) on request. Because some of my photographs are currently subject to limited editions, I recommend to contact me for more information.

Do you make discounts on large orders?
If you are interested in ordering a large number of prints in open edition, please be in touch via my contact page and we can discuss this further.

Can I order for prints of any of your photographs?
Yes. My Print Collection section contains a selection my photographs, but all photographs (e.g. including those in my archives) are available as prints. Do not hesitate to use the search engine tool to look for what you need.

Do you mount and frame photographs?
I do not mount and frame photographs. I recommend that you contact your local shop or alternatively search for online framers on Internet.