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Featured Photo Stories – India

Postcards from Varanasi, India

Varanasi is one of the holiest place on earth where millions of Hindus pilgrims comes to take refuge, pray and purify their body. The old part of Varanasi is an extraordinarily colourful place where in the morning, the sun struggles to penetrate its lanes to light the wonderful textur
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Magh Mela Festival: After the Main Bath, Sangam, India

In Allahabad at the confluence of three sacred Indian rivers, the Ganges river, the Yamuna river and the mythic Saraswati river is Sangam, one of the most sacred places in India. Every year during the Magh Mela, thousands of pilgrims coming from all over India and the world gather for
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The Dhobis of Balua Ghat, Allahabad

Dhobi are a Hindu caste specialised in washing clothes. During my journey along the Yamuna river, I came across many of them especially at Allahabad, Agra and along the Ganges at Varanasi. However, it is during my stay around Balua Ghat at Allahabad that I took the opportunity of docu
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Old Delhi

Old Delhi is both an awful and a fascinating place. Awful, because of the crowded streets, the density of traffic, dust and endless noise, making this urban environment at its worst an impossible place to enjoy a wander. Fascinating, because of its many shops, stalls and bazaars, its
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