Hammam, Medina of Larache & Fez

November 23rd, 2011

Hamam smoke mark in the Medina of Larache (Jerome Lorieau)
Medina of Larache, 2011 – See the photo in large

In the Medina of Larache, a Moroccan lady traditionally dressed is entering a home. Opposite is the back door of a Hammam. A traditional public space where men and women go to wash themselves and socialise.

A man throwing sawdust in the fireplace in order to warm the hammam water, Medina of Fes (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Medina of Fez, 2010 – See the photo in large

Numerous hammans still work traditionally burning sawdust to make the steam. Since 40 years, Mohammed have been facing the Hamman’s fire. A hard job where he, like some others, spend their whole day working in the heat breathing sawdust and ash.

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