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From the Photo Book #1 – American Color 2 – Constantine Manos


Photo book: American Color 2 – Photographer: Constantine Manos – Photograph: Plage de Daytona, Floride, 1997

Under the blue sky of California, three girls are facing some men in their cars on Daytona’s beach. Standing up at the back of a pick up, they seem to dance. In this photograph, a feeling of “joie de vivre” is palpable. However the moment does not have the romaticism of the Californian beach from the 60’s and the beach boys’ era. The mood is more “sea, sex and sun”. In this context, the symbol of the body and body shape of both men and women is important. Again, in that context, the framing is nicely done via the choice of Constantine Manos to cut the womens’ heads and to emphasize in the foreground their body shapes (and hence the depth of field). Nonetheless, these missing heads can be found on the projected shadow on the beach. A shadow that gives us more information about the girls’ behaviour and hand gestures.

Despite the bodies’ sensuality in the foreground, I found that the photograph reflects a more male character because of the pair of “men and cars”. Also because Amercian Color 2 is about colours, I like in this photograph the opposition of cold colours and hot colours.