Unobserved Bristol

Lunchtime, Harbourside festival, Bristol

Lunchtime, Harbourside festival, Bristol

People having lunch during the Harbourside festival, Bristol

The boy and Bristol Harbourside Crane

The boy and Bristol Harbourside Crane

Boy running on a paddle in Harbourside. This week end is the Harbourside Bristol Festival 2011, I can’t wait for it to enjoy friends, drinks, food, concerts …. and to take photo of the event. This picture is part of my photo series “Unobserved Bristol”.

Crowd at St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol

Crowd at St Paul's Carnival, Bristol

Crowd in the street of St Paul during the carnival. Composing some candid images through a big crowd is not an easy matter. In this picture, every single person seem to be at the right place in order to balance everything in the frame. Everybody look in a different direction making the image more lively. [...]

Resting at the Downs, Bristol

Man resting at the Downs. There are plenty of quite and hidden places in this beautiful park. Here is one of them.

Bristol gay pride parade, England

This week end was the Bristol pride parade. It just lasted one hour from Queen’s Square to Castle Park where a festival was taking place. I just turned up to the parade and didn’t made the afternoon event despite a promising program.

High Street Corner, Bristol

Ladies looking through some shopping windows.

Broadmead shopping centre, Bristol

Seagull and people in Broadmead shopping centre

Harbourside, Bristol

Summertime in Harbourside.

Park Street, Bristol

Convertible car speeding on Park Street.

City centre, Bristol

Waiter having a cigarette break, Bristol

Berkeley Square, Bristol

Man in suit walking Berkeley Square.

Cabot Circus, Bristol

Girl waiting in Cabot Circus shopping center.

Westbury Park, Bristol

Man having a rest in Westbury Park

Park Street, Bristol

Empty shop on Park Street.

Harbourside, Bristol

Man walking in Harbourside area.

Harbourside, Bristol

Sunday afternoon on the River Avon bank, Harbourside, Bristol

City Centre, Bristol

Girl running.

City Centre, Bristol

Cafe Bar in Corn Street