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Walking on the coastal path along the Jurassic coast

A few days ago, I went for a day trip to the Jurassic coast. It was a good idea. the weather was quite bad in Bristol and the more I drove toward Lyme Regis, the sunnier the weather was. I didn’t waste my day, making the most of the sunlight and its energy and coming [...]

St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol, England

Dancer at St Paul’s Carnival. St Paul’s area in Bristol is the home of a strong African and Caribbean community, which can only be compared to the Notting Hill area in London. Every year since 1967 (except in 2002 and 2006), a carnival has taken place in its streets to celebrate Caribbean culture through a [...]

Summertime in Clevedon, England

Couple resting on Clevedon beach. I recently visited Clevedon on a day trip. The town is a small family seaside on the mouth of the Severn Estuary. What makes the place magnificent is its great Victorian Pier and its attractive promenade along its coast leading to Clevedon Pill and its marina. On this hot and [...]

Kshang Kshung Lama, Buddhist none at Mane Gumpa Monastery, Nepal

Kshang Kshung Lama in Mane Gumpa monastery. Following a one month walk through the Nepalese mountains, valleys and rivers, Kshang Kshung Lama travelled from Rolpa Simikod, her native village in Mustang, to Kathmandu, where she studied Buddhism for six years before settling in Pharping. She has spent the last ten years in Mane Gumpa, a [...]

Feeling Istanbul, a city between Asia, Europe and Orient

Between Orient, Europe & Asia the city of Istanbul is a uniquely cosmopolitan place with a culture and character shaped by the influence of three continents, where life follows the flow of the Golden Horn, the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus. Wherever you wander its streets, the city has a special and indescribable feeling. [...]

Within the Gurung Christian community, Laprak, Nepal

Dabar Bahadur Gurung, priest at the church of Laprak, busy at making a bamboo mat Happiness is in the air down in the village of Laprak where the small community of protestants is gathered around Laprak church. They are waiting for the start of the Saturday morning service. A few days earlier, while wandering the [...]

The charming fishing village of Larache, Morocco

In and around the medina An infinity of blue and white tones coloured the old medina of Larache, an authentic fishing village by the Loukko estuary, just two hours from Rabat, the Moroccan capital. Quietness and serenity are probably the two key words to express the peacefulness of the place. Nothing seems to stop the [...]

The Gurung, Nepal

The Gurung, originally Tibeto Burman people, live at the foot step of the himalaya range. Surrounded by some of the highest mountains on earth, Ganesh Himal, Buddha Hima, Machapuchare, like the buddhi gandaki river, the kali gandaki river, tell the sacred stories of a Buddhist culture tribe. Legends tell that Gurung used to be nomad [...]

Walking through the Medina of Tetouan, Morocco

At first, when I looked over Tetouan Medina’s rampart at the bright white building built on the Jebel Dersa slope, I felt like I was in Andalusia. In fact, Tetouan has an important part of its history linked with Spain, when the city become a place of shelter for Granada’s refugees in the 15th century [...]

A Tibetan refugee in Bimtang, Nepal

Lying along the Dudh Khola river at 3720m, Bimtang is surrounded by two great mountains, Larkya peak at 6249m and Manaslu Himal at 8163m. It is the first village where porters and trekkers, coming from Larke pass (5220m) can spend the night and relax while having basic food and drinks. Bimtang can only offer lodges, [...]

The Gurung: Harvesting soya bean, Laprak, Nepal

Gurung woman harvesting soya beans in the millet field, Laprak, Gorkha district Harvest time is usually around November. During my stay in Laprak, a Gurung village situated in the Gorkha district, I helped harvest soya bean. There were a few fields with soya bean plantations, but most of the soya bean plants were scattered throughout [...]

Shetland fire festivals

Around a thousand years ago, when Vikings moored off the Shetland coast, they cleared everything in their path before colonising the island and bringing with them their farming methods, their language, culture and traditions. In the 15th century when the daughter of the King of Denmark married James III of Scotland, the land of Shetland [...]

Kali worship at Dakshinkali temple, Pharping, Nepal

Dakshinkali temple is situated just outside the village of Pharping at around 45mn by bus from Kathmandu. Dedicated to the goddess Kali, the temple is at its busiest time on a Saturday and Tuesday when thousands of Hindu devotees, mainly from Nepal and India, invade the sanctuary to worship the goddess and sacrifice animals. It [...]

The Chouara tannery, Fes

Tanning is one of the oldest traditions in Morocco and Fes. The city is known as a spiritual centre but is also well known for the quality of its art and crafts. Tanning has always been a big industry. In the 14th century, nearly a hundred tanneries were set up in the Medina of Fes. [...]

In the heart of the Moroccan Medinas

Surrounded by ramparts, Moroccan medinas are the guardian of the Moroccan historical traditions. They are both the embassadors of the Moroccan and Muslim culture. For those who are not used to them, they represent a unique character where a dense and secret life takes place. Their infinite number of tiny lanes, the effects of light [...]

Life and pollution on the Bagmati river bank, Kathmandu, Nepal

I am looking over the Bagmati river, a river worshipped both by Hindus and Buddhists. It is polluted with plastic bags and rubbish slowing down its flow. It is heartless and sad to see a holy river in such a state. I am off for a walk on the Bagmati river bank. I have always [...]

Walk to Burwick, Mainland Shetland, Scotland

View over Pund Voe, Hill of Berry and Tondra, Central Mainland. It was around 11am when the sun lit up the coast. At that time the light is already low like most of the day, but beautiful. Like the Isle of Harris, where I stayed in January 2010, Shetland life is very much influenced by [...]

Kathmandu launderies, Nepal

When I came back to the Nepalese capital after six weeks of travelling around mostly in the Gorkha district, I had no plan but to explore Kathmandu by wandering its streets. To do this, I just bought a pocket map and started walking on my own to some areas that I hadn’t yet had the [...]