Buddhist monk, Samagaon, Nepal

April 26th, 2011

Portrait of Buddhist monk at the door step of the temple, Samagaon (Jerome Lorieau)

Portrait of a Buddhist monk at the door step of the local temple, Samagaon.
Between the Manaslu mountain and the Tibetan border are a few Tibetan villages. The area is one of the poorest I went through during my trek around the Manaslu (and during my various journeys in Nepal too). There is a real taste of what life could be like during the Middle Age period.
In Samagaon, Kargyu Chholing Gompa on the top of the hill, dominates the village. A few monks live in the temple, making a living from farming and charity from trekkers. We are very far from the romanticism of Luang Prabang. It is like being in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western, not at all like a Hollywood western.

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