Buddha Himal, a sacred mountain among the Gurung villages, Nepal

July 17th, 2012

The Gurung people are originally Tibeto-Burmese people, practising a Buddhism that has been influenced by Hinduism, but yet Shamanism is still an important part of their culture. They believe in the interaction with the spirit world through their environment. As part of an on-going project about the Gurung people, I walked through many of their villages documenting their everyday life and culture during a period of three weeks. Living in such a hostile and dominating environment, it is easy to understand the spiritual impact that mountains and nature can have on the people. In this remote region of Nepal is Buddha Himal (6692m), a sacred mountain from the Himalaya range situated in the Gorkha district, an area where some of the Gurung people have settled. The mountain is venerated by the Gurung and has appeared in the background of many of my photographs while taking scenes of everyday life. This slideshow shows a selection of them.

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