Bangladesh by Jonas Bendkisen

April 20th, 2011

On a map the land of Bangladesh looks like a small piece of a puzzle compare to India. However as it is reported in the National Geographic documentary “it has more people than geographically massive Russia” … “It is a place where one person, in a nation of 164 million, is mathematically incapable of being truly alone.”  Currently 15 million people live in the crowded city of Dhaka with everyday, hundreds of people migrating towards the city. Beyond its outskirts, most of Bangladesh’s land is under threat of being underwater in a few decades due to climate change. For the growing number of people living in Bangladesh, this will have a dramatic impact. It is predicted that a few million of them will be displaced or will have no choice other than to leave the country to take refuge beyond the country’s border.
Jonas Bendiksen who is a great Magnum photographer illustrates this documentary with some excellent compositions showing everyday life of people living under the constant threat of flooding and storms.

One picture: In this documentary there are many great photos. High and Dry is definitely striking and it reminds me some photos of Alex Webb. The movement and gesture of the body in the foreground is very well spotted and framed. It closes the left side of the picture and brings the eye of the reader towards the two boys on the bamboo macha. Those two boys couldn’t make a better natural pose. Finally the lines made by the bamboo macha and the man drying his back work perfectly together. Definitely a great photograph.

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