My archive is not accessible through my main website anymore. However I will make on this page some updates featuring some of my work. To access directly to my archive, please click on Jerome Lorieau Photography Archive.

Colour of India

From its streets, its places, its shops and habitations, India, one of the most secular countries in the world, is submerged with colours. They often refer to symbols and costumes coming from religious beliefs, historical events and mystic legends. Through their culture and tradition,
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Road through the wild landscape of Scotland

There is no doubt that it is in Scotland that I drove some of the most scenic roads in my life. Not only because of the wild beauty of the Scottish landscape but also for its unpredictable character that often makes a journey magical (or awful). This slideshow drives us through some o
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Nepalese Schoolchildren

In developing countries like Nepal, boys and girls are very aware of the importance of being educated despite the lack of job opportunities in the country. In Nepal, a large number of NGO participate in funding education program, build and run schools in the Kathmandu valley or in var
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