5 ideas of pictures for your kitchen wall decor

April 19th, 2011

Savouring new flavours is a wonderful way of travelling and discovering a country. Smells of spices, colours of a beautifully organised fruit stall, freshness of vegetables and herbs in an Asian market are all ingredients which stimulate the senses. Have you ever noticed when walking through a colourful market or walking by a traditional bakery, smelling fresh cooked bread, that it brings you a feeling of happiness, joy and desire. I love this feeling, I love food and discovering new recipes as much as I like taking photographs in a new country. A kitchen is not only a place where you cook, sit and eat. It is like travelling on a flight from one continent to another. It is an excitement and real pleasure.

Vegetable seller in the market of Hoi An, Vietnam
Vegetable sellers in the market of Hoi An (Jerome Lorieau)

Traditional Cafe, Marrakesh, Morocco
Coffee and tea bar in the Medina of Fes, Morocco (Jerome Lorieau)

Spices for sale, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepalese woman reading the newspaper and spices, Kathmandu (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

Gurung woman making plates from leaves
Gurung woman making some plates from leaves, Bhogteri (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

Market of Ventiane, Laos
Man having a rest in the market of Ventiane (Jerome Lorieau)


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