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Street Photography Workshop in Paris – Summer 2012

Girl in a Parisian terrace in le Marais area (Jerome Lorieau)
Photography by Jerome Lorieau

It has been a few weeks since my first street photography workshop and week end in Paris took place. I thought it would be nice to show a few pictures taken during this summer street photography week end 2012 with Rachael and Dave.

People relaxing in the Luxembourg garden, Paris (Jerome Lorieau)
Photography by Jerome Lorieau

On the first day, we met in the Mouffetard area in a cosy and quiet French cafe where I introduced my work and talked about my photography and the way I approach street photography, through a slideshow. I then reviewed the participants’ portfolios before heading to Luxembourg, St Germain and St Michel for our first day. During the other three days, we generally started by a review of the pictures taken the previous day before walking and shooting in a new area of Paris. We had a great time and walked endlessly almost all the way around Paris. Fortunately we ended each day relaxing around a drink in a bar.

Photography by Dave Reuter – Paris 2012.

I could not finish this post without mentioning that I really enjoyed sharing my experience and taking photographs with Rachael and Dave with whom I had great, fun time. Thanks again guys!! Rachael is a very versatile photographer, check her photos and follow her on Facebook: Rachael Bethan Photography.

Street Photography around Notre Dame de Paris

French women chatting and giving food to pigeons around Notre Dame de Paris (Jerome Lorieau)

I like this scene of life of these two ladies having a chat while feeding pigeons around Notre Dame de Paris. I don’t know whether they knew each other or whether they were friends but they were certainly regulars coming here in this particular place to feed pigeons with crumbs of bread (or biscuits). They were having what looked like a serious conversation but was not that serious at all. Anyway … I wanted to capture them and in some way the character of the scene to tell the story of these two ladies. As I was trying to catch a moment of interaction between them, one of them pointed a biscuit like a warning or to emphasise an important point of the discussion. I clicked the shutter button and so framed the photo above. I think that it is a very Parisian scene of life, with a great French character, as I used to see them when I was living in the French capital.

This photograph was taken with Rachael and David during the summer 2012 street photography week end in Paris. Next workshop in August 2013.

Street Photography of London, Birmingham, Bristol & others places of Britain

A slideshow including a short selection of street photography taken in London, Birmingham, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon and Bristol during the summer 2012.