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Weymouth, Dorset, England

On the 25th July 2012, looking at the map of England, I pointed my finger towards the south, moving it along the Dorset coast before stopping at Weymouth. After a quick image search on Google, I decided to make the two hour drive there from Bristol.
Walking towards the beach, my first observation was the lovely 125 year old and seemingly freshly painted Clock Tower. I guess, an important meeting point. On its seafront, Weymouth has kept its ancient architecture and that really makes its charm. On this summery day, the pebbled beach was crowded and seemed to be endlessly covered with red, white and tatooed bodies. Along the beach are some cosy decorated huts. English like to be cosy and a few portraits of the owners in them could have been interesting. The atmosphere is definitely English and with the heat, beers are never too far from the beach towel. No Victorian pier, but a lovely harbour with some nice Pubs to enjoy more beers in the calm before the storm of the night.

Street Photography Workshop & Holiday in India

From Old Delhi to the timeless city of Varanasi:

Places visited: Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Varanasi – Agra – Delhi

From the secular culture of old Delhi to the holiest city in India, the journey will take us to some of the greatest Indian cities & places to observe and document the multi cultural life of India. Our journey will start in Delhi before going North to join the pilgrims at Haridwar and Rishikesh along the Ganges river. We will then follow the river up to Varanasi, one of the holiest and most spiritual cities on earth. On our way back to Delhi, we will stop in Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

Date & Schedule:

19th October 2013 to 2nd November 2013
Price: £450 per person.
Maximum number of participants: 4.

Photographic Highlights

Being immersed in Old Delhi, its secular culture, intense life and bazaars
Following and documenting the life of pilgrims while capturing the soul of India at Haridwar, Rishikesh and Varanasi.
Capturing tourists and pilgrims in the Taj Mahal at Agra.

What to expect?

2 weeks of intense shooting in a friendly atmosphere in various areas of Indian cities. During this holiday, I will give you advice on how to approach street photography, understanding composition, playing with light & shade and capturing moments of life while developing your own vision of the world. Every day you will have the opportunity to observe me taking photographs, commenting on these and giving you advice. We usually spend the morning & the afternoon taking some photographs while in the evening we will have a discussion about a selection of pictures taken during the day in an informal atmosphere.

Who can attend the workshop?

This workshop is for photographers who have a keen interest in street photography and who want to progress in this field. The goal is that each photographer will develop his or her own vision of the world. We will walk most of the day so be prepared for that.

This workshop is limited to a small number of people in order that I can give you individual attention. With a limited number of people, we will be able to achieve the aim of this workshop while having fun by sharing our own experience and stories. The goal is also to enjoy ourselves as part of a small group.


The price of this workshop does not include accommodation. In India prices for guesthouses are reasonable. You can get a good room for around £5/£6 or even less.

If you would like to take part in this workshop, just contact me. You will also find extra information on my FAQ (cameras, laptops …).

Flight Information

Departure from London: the cheapest flight for Delhi is currently around £480.
Flights from other UK cities like Birmingham and Manchester are around £600.
National Express provides direct coaches to Heathrow Airport. The price from Bristol is £41 return.

Food shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi (Jerome Lorieau) Children jumping on the Ganges river, Varanasi (Jerome Lorieau)

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Unobserved Bristol

Bristol is a vibrant, multicultural city situated by the River Avon in the South West of England. I moved to the city in June 2011 and as for other places I have lived in before I am regularly roaming its streets, relaxing, while observing everyday life around me. These observations are the first result of this project. It is about all the moments of life that we do not observe any more but which are part of our daily life and environment. As part of this series, I am also including outdoor events and festivals celebrating the city and British culture.