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Seagulls, crowd and workers, Essaouira, Morocco

Fishermen and people in Moulay Hassan square, Essaouira (Jerome Lorieau)

About the picture:
The picture was taken in October 2011 at Moulay Hassan square in Essaouira. The square is situated between the Medina and the port and at night becomes a lively place where families gather, ladies chat on a bench, children play and men have a tea outside a bar around the square. During my stay in Essaouira, I liked to relax and have a tea while observing the square slowly filling up with people as the sun was going down.
In the corner of the square, by the citadel, from early in the morning to late at night some workers never stopped preparing fish on demand by locals who just bought some at the harbour. For this reason, the square is constantly animated by the comings and goings of seagulls looking for some fish remains.
It took me some time to take this picture. It was quite difficult to get the equilibrium between the seagulls, workers and pedestrians in the frame. It might not be perfect, but the mood of Essaouira is there and I especially like the shape of the worker handling a bucket.

IPA Street Photography Asia Contest 2012 Finalist

Today, I had the honour to be selected among the IPA Street Photography Asia Contest 2012 Finalists. The picture submitted were taken in India during my first trip in the country in February and March 2012.

Here is the slideshow to see the selected photographs

Profile on Verve Photo blog

I was recently pleased to hear that my profile was added to Verve Photo Blog. Verve was created in 2008 by the Photographer and photo editor Geoffrey Hiller to feature photographs and interviews by the finest contemporary image makers today. Verve Photo is a reminder of the power of the still image. Verve Photo also point to new photo agencies, publications, and inspiring multimedia projects.

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Many thanks to Geoffrey.