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Summer along the Seine river bank, Paris

Seine River bank, Paris (Jerome Lorieau)

On a hot summer day, a man is reading a book on the Seine river bank, Paris – 2006.

This is one of my early picture taken during a wander in the street of Paris. I used to walk endlessly the streets of Paris before leaving the French capital. I remembered stopping at this place. I found the lamppost on the foreground interesting because it gave a good dimension between the subject, the reader and my own position in the scene. I then waited for someone walking on the top right corner to create a more interesting composition. I thought that the walker will add more life to this everyday life scene.

Glasgow Wedding Photography Reportage – Norma & Stefan

Norma and Stefan, a lovely Glaswegian couple

In August, I spent the whole month selling prints of Scotland and Edinburgh during the Fringe festival. A few days before leaving the capital of Scotland, I was commissioned by Norma and Stefan, a lovely Glaswegian couple, to take photos of their wedding. The event took place at Glenskirlie House, a beautiful venue. As usual with Glaswegian people, the atmosphere was warm, friendly and informal. It makes things so much easier and I really felt like part of their group of friends. A great wedding.

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Snapshot Photography Links is a bi-monthly post to bring to light a selection of links about photo documentary, street photography, travel photo essay, photojournalism, photographer interviews and more …

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