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Feeling the horizon, Medina of Tetouan

View over Tetouan and the Jewish cemetery (Jerome Lorieau)
View over the new town of Tetouan and the Jewish cemetery – 2011

One of the Medina’s characteristic is a lack of space*. A feeling that is sometimes intensified by the tiny lanes and the lack of visibility. Facing the mountainous region of the Rif, the Medina of Tetouan built on the Djebel Dersa slope, is one of the very rare Medina when you really feel the space thanks to an open horizon. I personally find it very much important as it gives a dimension of the environment, a contact with it … and a sense of well being.

* This space is more likely to be found inside riads, traditional Moroccan houses. Shared by a whole family, traditional riads are usually built on two or three floors organised around a central open-air courtyard. It is traditionaly decorated with an interior garden & sometimes a fountain right in its centre.

Lane and view over the Medina and the Rif mountains, Tetouan (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Lady walking in the Medina and view over the Rif mountains – 2010

People in the Medina of Tetouan (Jerome Lorieau)
People in the Medina of Tetouan and the Rif mountains – 2011

Tetouan and the Rif mountains (Jerome Lorieau)
The Medina, the new town and the Rif mountain – 2011

Man carrying bread, Medina of Tetouan (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)
Man carrying bread and the Rif mountain – 2010

Buachaille Etive Mor at wintertime, Scotland

Sunlight on Buachaille Etive Mor, Scotland (Jerome Lorieau)
See the photo in large – Print available for purchase

I was looking through my Scottish pictures when I stopped on this one. I was telling to myself “that is a truly amazing landscape. What a place at wintertime! What a road to drive! What a light on the Buachaille Etive Mor! Scotland is just a fascinating and stunning country. I love it.

Light and shade in the street of Bristol

Here are recent uploaded photographs particularly influenced by light and shade.

The Grove, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)
The Grove

Harbourside, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)
Narrow Quay, Harbourside

Frog Lane, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)
Frog Lane