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Photo Book: First Feeling of the World

First Feeling of the World by Photography by Jerome Lorieau


Long before starting to take photographs, I was a seasoned street roamer. For many years, I have endlessly and somewhat randomly wandered the streets of each city I have lived in. This is my way of escaping everyday life and immersing myself in the urban landscape, to think and observe the world. In 2005, a year after I had come back to photography, I started to photograph the streets of Paris. Inspired by the French Humanist photographers, most of my photographs showed everyday life in Paris. Taking photographs was just a continuation of my wandering and my observation. This first step as a photographer was a very important one even though at the time I didn’t realise it. Unconsciously, I was developing what would become one of my main photographic interests: street photography.

In 2003, my first journey to Nepal was a turning point. This journey made me want to explore the world, other continents and their culture. In 2007, I left Paris and France to travel for 3 months in South East Asia and 3 months in South America. This allowed me to shape my understanding of other cultures. During my very first journey with my camera, I had no aim but to tell the story of my peregrinations through the people I met, their everyday life, culture and traditions, while recording their homes through colours, texture, light and the splendour of the landscapes. My photographic approach was different to street photography. I was aiming to document and understand the environment I witnessed. Once again, involuntarily I was developing my interest in documentary photography.

Today, I still carry on travelling the world and roaming streets. However, while I tend to document my own environment through street photography, I feel the need to immerse myself in other cultures through long term documentary photo projects. This is the natural influence of what I have experienced and learnt in the last six years.

103 pictures from 14 countries.
Size: 8×10 inches (20×25 cm)
Price: £34.95 Softcover – £39.95 Dustjacket
Apple Iphone & Ipad ebook: £7.49


On the harbourside of Moulay Hassan square, Essaouira

Seagulls, Essaouira (Jerome Lorieau)

On the harbourside of Moulay Hassan square, seagulls are squawking and roaming endlessly looking for fish remains. The smell is as indescribable as the mood of the place. Here, for a few dirhams some workers spend their whole day cutting and preparing fish to make them ready for cooking.

Walk between Portishead and Clevedon

Yesterday was another great Indian summer day. I went for a walk on the Severn Estuary coastline, enjoying the 8km of coastal path between Portishead and Clevedon (+ another 8km to return to Portishead). A very easy walk. Below some pictures taken during my 4h walk.

Severn estuary, England (Jerome Lorieau)
View over the Severn estuary, England

Portishead Sailing Club (Jerome Lorieau)
People at Portishead sailing club

Coastline along the Severn Estuary (Jerome Lorieau)
Coastline when leaving Portishead

Clevedon pier (Jerome Lorieau)
Clevedon pier

Black Nore lighthouse (Jerome Lorieau)
Black Nore lighthouse