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The Downs, Bristol – New Black & White photography

The Downs, Bristol

Here are two new pictures added in my Black and White photography print gallery . I hope you like it both.

The Downs, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)
The Downs, Bristol

The boy and Bristol Harbourside Crane

Boy running and Bristol Harbourside crane (Jerome Lorieau)

Boy running on a paddle in Harbourside.
This week end is the Harbourside Bristol Festival 2011, I can’t wait for it to enjoy friends, drinks, food, concerts …. and to take photo of the event.
This picture is part of my photo series “Unobserved Bristol”.

Mellah of Marrakesh, Morocco

Passer by and traditional windows in the Mellah of Marrakech (Jerome Lorieau)

Man walking in the Mellah of Marrakesh.