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Cabot Circus, Bristol

Broadmade Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)

Girl waiting in Cabot Circus shopping center.

Summertime in Clevedon, England

Couple resting on the beach, Clevedon (Jerome Lorieau)
Couple resting on Clevedon beach.

I recently visited Clevedon on a day trip. The town is a small family seaside on the mouth of the Severn Estuary. What makes the place magnificent is its great Victorian Pier and its attractive promenade along its coast leading to Clevedon Pill and its marina. On this hot and sunny day, a few people were enjoying the start of the summer, having barbecues and relaxing on the beach.

Boating and bathing pool, Clevedon (Jerome Lorieau)
Boating and bathing pool.

Despite the hot weather nobody dared swim in the boating and bathing pool. Just a few people were paddling. Others were learning to canoe. Opposite, was the playground where hundreds of children were making their parents feel hot and thirsty. The lucky ones were queuing by the ice cream van, impatient to get their favourite ice creams. The unlucky ones were looking at their ice creams dropped on the floor, while the lucky dogs couldn’t believe how great their day was.

Cafe bar and playground along the Clevedon Promenade (Jerome Lorieau)
Cafe Bar and playground along the promenade.

By Clevedon Pill, the atmosphere was very peaceful. On the bank of the river Mead, some friends were having a barbecue while others were playing football. A man on his boat was fishing at low tide. I wondered what kind of fish there could be here. To be honest, I didn’t think very long. I was just looking at the view while trying to find the right angle for a picture. I liked the feeling of quietness in this part of Clevedon.

Marina in Clevedon Pill (Jerome Lorieau)
Marina at Clevedon Pill

I ended my sitting on the bench of a beautiful Victorian shelter while observing a crowd gathering around an brass band about to play in the bandstand.

View over the Atlantic sea from a Vixtorian shelter, Clevedon (Jerome Lorieau)
In the Victorian shelter, looking towards the sea.

Westbury Park, Bristol

Westbury Park, Bristol (Jerome Lorieau)

Man having a rest in Westbury Park