Nepalese porter at rest, Gorkha District, Nepal

Porter at rest and porters on their way to Arket Bazaar

Porter at rest and porters on their way to Arket Bazaar (Copyright: Jerome Lorieau)

On his way to Arket Bazaar, a Nepalese porter is having a rest.

About the picture:
The picture was taken in 2009 during a trek through the Gurung villages. On this particular day, I was walking between Lapubeshi and Arket Bazaar along a trail to the Manalsu trek. At peak season, it is used by many trekkers but not as many as the Annapurna or the Everest ones, mostly because of the lack of accommodation between Jagat, Samdo and Darhapani. But this is about to change as the trek has been getting more popular over the years. Outside the trekking industry, this trail is an important one as it is a trading route leading up to the Tibetan border. On their way, porters also play a key role as they also supply villagers with goods coming from both sides: China via Tibet and Kathmandu. Being a porter is a difficult job but very much in demand. Porters usually come from all over Nepal (sometimes India) with no specific background. They are farmers, students or just unemployed Nepalese looking to make some money.