Le Bois

In the east of Paris, le Bois de Vincennes, is currently the biggest park in Paris. Historically it used to be use as a military training camp during the French revolution before becoming a public park by the end of the 19th century. Part of the 12th district of Paris, it includes a good variety of cultural entertainments like a floral garden, a tropical garden and a zoo known as a Vincennes zoo. Situated on the edge of Paris and seven others towns, it attracts all year long many (dog) walkers, sportspersons and people who are looking for relaxing and quiet moment far from the city pollutions.

In 2014 when I move to Nogent sur Marne, at 10mn walk from the wood, it immediately became part of my life. Like many other parents, I first started to get there in order to walk safely with my young daughter and enjoy with her the swans and the ducks bathing on both Lac des Minimes and Lac Dausmenil. Then it quickly became a place of relaxation. Wandering its many paths, I began to observe its everyday life and natural environment.

As I was accumulating photographs of the park, I got the more and more interested in both documenting the park landscape and looking at how people were using it. On the edge of a bustling city, this beautiful and fragile environment is actually filled with life and poetry.

This project is an on-going one.