Kshang Kshung Lama, Buddhist none at Mane Gumpa Monastery, Nepal

Portrait of a Buddhist monk praying

Portrait of a Buddhist monk praying (Jerome Lorieau)
Kshang Kshung Lama in Mane Gumpa monastery.

Following a one month walk through the Nepalese mountains, valleys and rivers, Kshang Kshung Lama travelled from Rolpa Simikod, her native village in Mustang, to Kathmandu, where she studied Buddhism for six years before settling in Pharping. She has spent the last ten years in Mane Gumpa, a small monastery, sharing her everyday life with four other nuns, mostly from Tibet. Since her arrival in Kathmandu, she has not returned to her native village and she is not planning it. In the next two years, she hopes to be able to move to another monastery in the Kathmandu valley where she will carry on devoting her life to Buddhism and praying up to eight hours a day, while endlessly turning the praying wheels.

Buddhist monk praying (Jerome Lorieau)
Next to Kshang Kshung Lama, Kenzing Dolma Lama is busy to turn a pray wheel and to recite mantras.

Portrait of Buddhist monks (Jerome Lorieau)
Kshang Kshung Lama and Kenzing Dolma Lama moved to the monastery of Mane Gumpa 10 and 8 years ago respectively. With three other nuns, they live from donations and money from the Nepalese government.