From England with love

When I arrived in Bristol in 2011, I was already familiar with England. The main reason is that my family in law lives there. It is a country that I had the pleasure of discoveringg many times through various journeys. However, I had never had the opportunity to explore and observe England in any depth.

This project came into existance as I was editing my work. I became aware of the unique and appealing character of the country and its people. Fascinated by some of the places, I left my French eyes looking at my new environment, new atmospheres and social codes.

Then I felt the need to get closer to England’s contrasts and traditions. I wanted to immerse myself in places and events that in some way reveal the “unique British character”. I could have called this series “A Frenchman in England” but I was not interested in showing the typical and historical stereotypes. I prefered to see my photographs both like unconventional postcards and instants with no judgement about my subjects. I wanted to keep my mind free leaving aside thoughts about my project and my aims.

Then a quote came to my mind. One that is usually written on the back of some postcards, “From England with Love”.




Hayling Beach, England